The Girlfriend Bundle | Boost x 2 | Ignite x 2 | Sparkle x 2 (Worth £309.00)

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What's Included:

Spread the love. Get one for you & one for her. 
6 lipsticks | Boost x 2 | Ignite x 2 | Sparkle x 2
2 Super Cute Pouches
Digital Bonuses (Limited Time Offer!) :

Toxic Thought & Toxic Talk Eliminator
The Affirmation Creator Tool Kit 
The Power of Red Lipstick Ebook 
About Ignite: 
You and your lips will love this gorgeous bold0red seamlessly marbled with a powerful sunset orange shade. Ignite's swirl flatters just about any skin tone and its creamy texture glides on leaving your lips feeling moist. You can wear it alone or layer it with Boost to play with different depths along the red colour spectrum. Perfect for every season. 
About Boost:
Boost your day with a burst of energetic bright red marbled throughout this truly spectacular deeper red. These colours blend beautifully together and you will find each layer of application playfully inviting a little bit more red or a little bit of the deeper red depending on which wants to come out and play more that day. This blend carries powerful energy to boost you day. So make sure you whirl about. 
About Sparkle:
This beauty glides on like no other neutral-red. It holds the power and DNA of a visually bold red lip. The first of its kind. The essence of your red lip with Sparkle is intentionally subdued in one sense, but shining Sparkle in another. This beauty is your power from the inside-out as you embrace your love mantras in your mind and heart.
Insider tip: Mix and match to create new colours. 

About our Digital Bonuses:

Dealing with pesky thoughts in the your beautiful brain? 
Use our Toxic Though & Toxic Talk Eliminator 

Feeling a little insecure? 
Use our Affirmation Tool Kit to reclaim your power and truth.

Want to know the secret method behind The Power of Red Lipstick?
Enjoy our ebook after application, of course. 

It's our favourite bundle X 2.

Wear Your Red Lips. No Toxic Thoughts. No Toxic Thoughts.