The Power of Red Lipstick: How to Find Your Perfect Shade

Neutral is our go-to lipstick when we want to create an effortless, natural makeup look. But, red is the shade we use when we want to stand out and feel empowered. You may think that a red lip is reserved for romantic dinner dates. But, we’re here to tell you that it’s easy to rock a red lip any time of the day and elevate your style in an instant.

Keep reading for some tips on how to wear red lipstick with confidence.

  • Identify your undertones - Check your wrist. Do your veins appear bluish? If so, then you have cool undertones. But, if they look more green, you are considered warm.
    • Cool Undertones - blue or purple veins
      For cool undertones, wear lipstick with red, pink, or purple hues.
    • Warm Undertones - green or olive veins
      Those with golden brown skin should find lip shades of a darker red.
    • Neutral Undertones - blue-green veins
      For those with a neutral skin tone, just about any shade of red lipstick will look great on their complexion—blue-based lipsticks or those with peachy undertones.

ADDITIONAL TIP: If you want red lips that pop, look for a lipstick with undertones that are the opposite of your skin’s. But, for an understated look, use one with the same undertones as your skin.

  • Do a swatch test - Things have come a long way thanks to technology and great photos. When buying online, check out the swatch examples or use AI to see what it could look like in real time. Or you can find photos of a person with similar undertones wearing a red you like and then decide. Read the palette descriptions to see what would work with your beautiful and unique undertones. When in the store, play with different options. Be adventurous.
  • Play around - Don’t be afraid to try different shades of red lipstick to find the formula and finish that work for you. It could be different on different days of the week or different times of day. The best lipstick is the one that makes you feel most confident.

The Most Flattering Red Lipstick For Your Skin Complexion

When searching for the best red lipstick, you can also take your skin complexion into account: deeply hued skin, medium skin, olive skin, and fair skin.

Deep/ very deep skin

Deep skin can handle more intense shades of red like deep reds and blue-based reds. Think of wine red, berry red, and brick red—these are usually the perfect complement to your darker skin tone.

Olive Skin

Olive skin tones have more versatility when it comes to wearing red lipstick. Both cool and warm reds look good against your skin.

Medium Skin

With a medium skin complexion, you can wear a bright red that pops against your skin. Consider shades with blue undertones like cranberry red.

Fair Skin

Cool-hued reds can best complement the natural pink flush of your skin. Added bonus? They can also make your teeth look whiter.

5 Rules for Wearing Red Lipstick

Red lips are classic, bold, and elegant. But, what kind of makeup should you combine with them? Below are some guidelines for wearing your red lips.

  1. Don’t overdo the rest of your makeup. Pair your bold red lips with the lightest possible makeup. Think of nude eyeshadows and a light layer of mascara, eyeliner, and blush.
  2. Prep your lips. Applying lipstick on dry, chapped lips is a bad decision, regardless of what shade the lipstick is. Make sure to exfoliate your lips once a week and apply lip balm every night to moisturize.
  3. Lip liners are your friend. Lip liners serve as a primer that makes your lipstick last longer and keep the color from bleeding. Go for a lip liner shade that matches your natural lip color.
  4. Texture matters too. Your lipstick can be matte, sheer, glossy, or velvety. If you feel like you are not quite ready for full matte lipstick, try one with a sheer texture and layer it.
  5. Coordinate your overall look. For a classic look, pair your red lips with a little black dress or a power suit. For some fun, wear it with your favorite trainers. With red lips, you can make so much work for your chosen look.

Let Your Red Lips Do The Talking!

A red lip is quite a beautiful statement. You can keep your overall look classic and chic for a day time look and save the smoky eye for the evening. But, if you’re not sure what to do with a red lip, just apply foundation where needed, do your eyebrows, and you’re good to go. A pop of color and a pop of fun!