WYRL Beauty Ltd Corporate Social Responsibility and Ethics Policy Statement

WYRL Beauty is clean, vegan cosmetics & lifestyle company designed to bring out the pizzazz in women and invest in girls’ education by getting rid of toxic thoughts and toxic ingredients. We believe every woman should be seen, their voices heard and every girl educated.

We hold the belief that we have the opportunity to develop our business sustainably with respect for both people and our planet. We offer clean beauty products to help reduce the toxic load on women who enjoy using cosmetics.

With our sourcing, we seek to partner with suppliers who hold high ethical standards and value integrity. We are committed to exploring ways to minimise our carbon footprint when sourcing our products.

Within our operations, we are growing an inclusive and diverse workforce that is committed to innovation to best serve our markets and the communities we serve. We seek to invest and encourage employees to invest in communities and markets where WYRL Beauty Ltd operates.

For our consumers, we seek to uplift them with our message and our quality products. To our communities locally and globally, we seek to invest in them by sharing a portion of our proceeds with them. With every purchase a percentage of sales will go towards improving access to education for girls.