Our Story


Our Mission

No Toxic Talk

We believe that words are powerful. Especially the ones we speak about ourselves. Speak loving words to yourself and those around you. Grab our free meditation to help you get started.

No Toxic Thoughts

We believe that mindset is powerful. No more imposter syndrome. You got this! Grab our free meditation to help you get started.

Every Girl Educated

We believe education is a right and a powerful road to manifesting your gifts. Unfortunately, not every girl has access to a an education. We are working to change that one set of lips at a time.

Every Voice Heard

We believe the world is ready and waiting to hear what you have to say. Only you can say it how you say it. Weโ€™re listening.

Help Educate a Girl

Our mission is to make red-lipstick a tool for increasing confidence. Our vision is to increase female leadership around the world.

In proud partnership with World Vision


WYRL Beautyยฎ creates lipstick that looks great and does good.